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  • Photo: Minivan Camper

    Top Minivan Campers For 2010

    A minivan camper is exactly what the name implies. It is a minivan, as opposed to a full size van, and it is equipped with the amenities of a camper vehicle such as an RV. Minivan campers are typically classified as Class BR V which stands for camper vans, class B motor homes. Full Story »

  • Photo: Minivan Camper

    Popular Minivan Campers

    Minivan campers are perfect for vacations because you never have to book a hotel accommodation.¬†Minivan campers are equipped with everything you can possibly need to be comfortable while on the road.¬†Minivan campers are fully loaded with working refrigerators which are either electric or gas powered, and grills which are also powered off of electricity or gas.¬† Full Story »