Top Minivan Campers

A minivan camper is exactly what the name implies. It is a minivan, as opposed to a full size van, and it is equipped with the amenities of a camper vehicle such as an RV. Minivan campers are typically classified as Class BR V which stands for camper vans, class B motor homes. Minivan campers are popular because they allow individuals and families to travel, but are also not so large and cumbersome that you need special permits or parking accommodations for these popular vehicles.

Often the minivan campers were traditional minivans which have been modified by means of a van conversion kit to create the camper atmosphere. Most minivan campers, unless purchases by a specialty company that handles minivan campers conversion or resells used minivan campers, do not come off the lot as minivan campers.

Advantages of Minivan Campers

Minivan campers are popular because they allow individuals and families to travel, but are also not so large and cumbersome that you need special permits or parking accommodations for these popular vehicles. The level of interior development depends on the conversion kit used, or the driver & rsquo;s personal preference. You will find minivan campers that are fully stocked with gas and electric powered water and heating, working refrigerators, grills or portable cook stoves, and even microwaves.

However, minivan campers can be decked out to have all the comforts of home. If you & rsquo;re on the road driving all day it & rsquo;s likely at the end of your travels you want to chill out and relax. Minivan campers often have daytime seating that converts to nighttime sleeping spaces. However, these are not the minivans of the past with carpeting tacked up the walls a mattress thrown in the rear.

Modern day minivan campers are often outfitted with audio visual equipment including fully functional television sets, cable connections, internet, CD and DVD players and even air conditioning. Still not convinced that minivan campers are the way to handle your travels? Well, some minivan campers come equipped with working toilets and showers so you have no need for public rest stops and shower facilities. Waste storage tanks and pop out awnings and picnic tables can create an instant campsite that is self-contained and portable.

Minivan Campers and Amenities

Minivan campers are perfect for vacations because you never have to book a hotel accommodation. Minivan campers are equipped with everything you can possibly need to be comfortable while on the road. Minivan campers are fully loaded with working refrigerators which are either electric or gas powered, and grills which are also powered off of electricity or gas. Many of today's minivan campers also have gas or electric powered water heating sources, and some have microwaves included.

There are often several bedding areas in minivan campers that double as seating space during the daytime hours. Batteries and generators are included for electrical needs, and minivan campers also have showers, toilets, CD Players, DVD players, televisions, cable television connections, air conditioning, radios, and more. Minivan campers are also fully equipped with waste storage tanks, water storage tanks, and some come with additional accessories like picnic tables and awnings too.

Finding Minivan Campers Online

There are both new and used options online when it comes to buying minivan campers. New minivan campers are affixed with modern amenities and impressive features, but the price tags associated with them often means that the vehicle has to be fully or partially financed. Used options can be sought for online via eBay and other online auctioning sites.

When shopping for minivan campers online, you will want to review the description of the item, the seller's feedback, and you will want to communicate with the seller. Make a list of questions to ask the seller about the item, and review how payment is accepted if your bid is won. You are also responsible for reviewing how the item is to be picked up, and you might want to make it a point to look at the item before you actually buy it. Observing the item in person gives you a chance to view the minivan camper up front, and you might spot things that are not mentioned in the description of the camper online.

On eBay you will often find minivan conversion kits offered too. You can go directly to eBay or you can check out eBay Motors for more details at:

Some of the most popular minivan campers are those created from minivan camper conversion kits. The conversion kits for minivan campers are excellent for use with minivans that are not too low riding to the ground and that offer off road experience options. It is also recommended that the minivan camper conversion kit be utilized with a minivan that has four wheel drive too. The van being used with a minivan camper conversion kit should offer up sufficient cargo space as well.

With minivan campers and conversion kits, there is a bit of work involved in installing the kits. The rear seating in the minivan has to be removed, along with other parts in the interior where the conversion kit is to be installed. Accessories like hooks for clothing and armrests have to be removed. If the seats can fold down, they do not have to be removed; they can be folded down and utilized as a bed area if desired.

Popular Minivan Campers

Chevrolet ® 3500 minivan campers are among one of the most popular models around. The Chevrolet 3500 minivan camper has four wheel drive, a bathroom, a bed that is king sized, and more. This minivan has all the comforts of home and excellent driving capabilities too. The drive features in this van include two wheel drive, four wheel drive high, and four wheel drive low as well. A generator is included in this minivan camper which can generate enough power to provide power to a freezer, a refrigerator, a microwave, and HDTV LCD television and still supply air conditioning too.

Chevrolet ® 3500 minivan campers are equipped with marine style bathrooms in private, closeted areas. This camper comes with holding tanks, a 6 gallon water heater, and a furnace that generates 16,000 BTUs as well and that operates off of a ten gallon propane tank. Seating is offered inside the minivan for dining and the table is removable. Plenty of cabinets are offered up for storage, and the camper is spacious and accommodating.

Consumers interested in one of the Chevrolet ® 3500 minivan campers will find that the campers hold a V-8 engine under the hood coupled with a four speed, automatic tranny. The mininvan is capable of towing 7700 pounds, and gets roughly 14 to 16 miles per gallon. This vehicle is usually priced between $65,000 and $77,000 dollars.

For a view of the interior of Chevrolet ® 3500 minivan campers, visit Truck Trend at: http://www.trucktrend.com/roadtests/van/.

The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan comes with a six cylinder engine, a silver exterior, and a black interior. The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan is also equipped with two wheel drive, front wheel drive, dual sliding doors, and a complete towing package. This minivan has a plethora of features including things like cruise control, CD/DVD players, a navigation system, and plenty of safety airbags as well. Equipped with antilocking brakes, the entire family will be safe when traveling in this popular minivan camper model.

The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan has a refrigerator, a freezer, a kitchen sink for doing dishes, and an exterior shower attached to the rear. There are outlets inside the minivan for plugging in electronics and appliances, and it is fully equipped with screen doors and curtains for privacy and fresh air. This model was made between the years 1984 and 1986, so there are some excellent, gently used options available. For more information about the Dodge Minivan camper, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Caravan.

Popular Vans To Convert To Minivan Campers

2011 Ford E-Series Minivan Campers

The official manufacturer & rsquo;s website for the 2011 Ford E-Series is located at http://www.fordvehicles.com/trucks/eseries/. Ford E-150s are a very popular choice for minivan campers. However, some prefer the E-150s and E-350s to create their idea of the best minivan campers on the market. To learn more about the adventures you can have in creating minivan campers with the 2011 Ford E-Series vehicles please check out the website links below in the Minivan Campers Conversion Options section.

2010 Dodge Caravan Minivan Campers

The official manufacturer & rsquo;s website for the 2010 Dodge Caravan is located at http://www.dodge.com/en/2010/grand_caravan/. There you can learn about all the standard features of the Dodge Caravan, which is popular with families as a stand alone vehicle. To learn more about the Dodge Caravan Minivan Campers please access the Minivan Campers Conversion Options section below.

2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minivan Campers

The official manufacturer & rsquo;s website for the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is located at http://www.mbsprinterusa.com/. The 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a favorite for minivan campers because it already comes standard with a higher roof space and can be purchased in cargo, passenger and cab chassis models for easy conversion to your specifications for minivan campers. To learn more about the possibilities of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are minivan campers please visit the Minivan Campers Conversion Options section below.

Minivan Campers Conversion Options


At http://sportsmobile.com/ you can learn about the full range of services available from Sportmobile.com. At Sportsmobile.com they can convert your Ford E-150, E-250 or E-350 vehicles into minivan campers. Sportsmobile.com is also adept at converting the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into minivan campers.

Classic Vans Used Conversion Vans

At http://www.classicvans.com/ Classic Vans states that the website is & ldquo;America & rsquo;s #1Van Conversion Internet Dealer. & rdquo; Their offerings include popular minivan campers such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dodge Explorer, Dodge Caravan, Ford E-Series and GMC models. If you are looking for 2011 minivan campers, you aren & rsquo;t likely to find them at this website, but it is included so that you can see the possibilities and history of how minivan campers have evolved over time. This will give you ideas about what you can do with minivan campers as well as allow you to explore the possibilities for your own 2011 minivan campers decisions.


At http://www.conversion-vans.net/custom-vans/31-conversion-camper-van.html you can learn more about how to create minivan campers. There is a wealth of information about conversion vans and a simple how to listing of what needs to be done to change any minivan into minivan campers. This includes ideas about planning out and creating what the author describes as a & ldquo;Weekender & rdquo; Van.

More Minivan Campers Online

How To Do Things Minivan Campers Tutorial

At http://www.howtodothings.com/automotive/how-to-convert-a-minivan-camper you can read the complete How To Convert A Minivan Camper by Yael Woods. This article clearly and simply lays out the process for taking your favorite 2011 minivans and converting them to minivan campers. It is a simple and easy to follow instruction tutorial.

eBay Motors Minivan Campers Search

At http://motors.shop.ebay.com/__?_from=R40 you can access available minivan campers on eBay as a guest. In order to purchase a minivan camper you would need to login or register for an eBay account if you do not have one. The offerings for eBay minivan campers include new 2011 minivan campers as well as older minivan campers going back to VW buses that were converted in the 1970 & rsquo;s. However, you never know exactly what you will find on eBay and it is an excellent resource for viewing possible minivan campers configurations. A word of caution, even though eBay Motors does go to decent lengths to protect buyers it is still wise not to purchase a vehicle sight unseen. Most eBay listings will allow you to come to a physical location and do a test drive and many reputable eBay sellers insist on a local test drive as well as local pickup. Make sure you understand the terms of sale, and any related taxes before you purchase camper minivans through eBay Motors.

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