Popular Minivan Campers

Minivan campers are fully equipped with everything one needs to live life on the road or to simply enjoy time away from the chaotic, day to day, mundane lifestyle.


There are often several bedding areas in minivan campers that double as seating space during the daytime hours.

Minivan Campers and Amenities

Minivan campers are perfect for vacations because you never have to book a hotel accommodation.  Minivan campers are equipped with everything you can possibly need to be comfortable while on the road.  Minivan campers are fully loaded with working refrigerators which are either electric or gas powered, and grills which are also powered off of electricity or gas.  Many of today’s minivan campers also have gas or electric powered water heating sources, and some have microwaves included.

There are often several bedding areas in minivan campers that double as seating space during the daytime hours.  Batteries and generators are included for electrical needs, and minivan campers also have showers, toilets, CD Players, DVD players, televisions, cable television connections, air conditioning, radios, and more.  Minivan campers are also fully equipped with waste storage tanks, water storage tanks, and some come with additional accessories like picnic tables and awnings too.

Finding Minivan Campers Online

There are both new and used options online when it comes to buying minivan campers.  New minivan campers are affixed with modern amenities and impressive features, but the price tags associated with them often means that the vehicle has to be fully or partially financed.  Used options can be sought for online via eBay and other online auctioning sites.

When shopping for minivan campers online, you will want to review the description of the item, the seller’s feedback, and you will want to communicate with the seller.  Make a list of questions to ask the seller about the item, and review how payment is accepted if your bid is won.  You are also responsible for reviewing how the item is to be picked up, and you might want to make it a point to look at the item before you actually buy it.  Observing the item in person gives you a chance to view the minivan camper up front, and you might spot things that are not mentioned in the description of the camper online.

On eBay you will often find minivan conversion kits offered too.  You can go directly to eBay or you can check out eBay Motors for more details at:

Some of the most popular minivan campers are those created from minivan camper conversion kits.  The conversion kits for minivan campers are excellent for use with minivans that are not too low riding to the ground and that offer off road experience options.  It is also recommended that the minivan camper conversion kit be utilized with a minivan that has four wheel drive too.  The van being used with a minivan camper conversion kit should offer up sufficient cargo space as well.

With minivan campers and conversion kits, there is a bit of work involved in installing the kits.  The rear seating in the minivan has to be removed, along with other parts in the interior where the conversion kit is to be installed.  Accessories like hooks for clothing and armrests have to be removed.  If the seats can fold down, they do not have to be removed; they can be folded down and utilized as a bed area if desired.

Popular Minivan Campers

Chevrolet® 3500 minivan campers are among one of the most popular models around.  The Chevrolet 3500 minivan camper has four wheel drive, a bathroom, a bed that is king sized, and more.  This minivan has all the comforts of home and excellent driving capabilities too.  The drive features in this van include two wheel drive, four wheel drive high, and four wheel drive low as well.  A generator is included in this minivan camper which can generate enough power to provide power to a freezer, a refrigerator, a microwave, and HDTV LCD television and still supply air conditioning too.

Chevrolet® 3500 minivan campers are equipped with marine style bathrooms in private, closeted areas.  This camper comes with holding tanks, a 6 gallon water heater, and a furnace that generates 16,000 BTUs as well and that operates off of a ten gallon propane tank.  Seating is offered inside the minivan for dining and the table is removable.  Plenty of cabinets are offered up for storage, and the camper is spacious and accommodating.

Consumers interested in one of the Chevrolet® 3500 minivan campers will find that the campers hold a V-8 engine under the hood coupled with a four speed, automatic tranny.  The mininvan is capable of towing 7700 pounds, and gets roughly 14 to 16 miles per gallon.  This vehicle is usually priced between $65,000 and $77,000 dollars.

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The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan comes with a six cylinder engine, a silver exterior, and a black interior.  The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan is also equipped with two wheel drive, front wheel drive, dual sliding doors, and a complete towing package.  This minivan has a plethora of features including things like cruise control, CD/DVD players, a navigation system, and plenty of safety airbags as well.  Equipped with antilocking brakes, the entire family will be safe when traveling in this popular minivan camper model.

The Dodge Caravan Camper Van Minivan has a refrigerator, a freezer, a kitchen sink for doing dishes, and an exterior shower attached to the rear.  There are outlets inside the minivan for plugging in electronics and appliances, and it is fully equipped with screen doors and curtains for privacy and fresh air.  This model was made between the years 1984 and 1986, so there are some excellent, gently used options available.

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